Patio Grand Opening

Yesterday we hosted our VIP Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. We were joined by Mayor Nickolay, New Prague Chamber, Council and Planning members, companies who constructed the patio, Club 105 members, and many more business supporters involved in the completion of the patio. We had a wonderful turn out, and we'd really like to thank our guests for making our first night on the patio a night to remember!  We brought a big dream to a small town, and we couldn't be more appreciative of the support we recieved (and continue to receive). We're enthusastic about bringing business to New Prague's community, and we're thankful to have the opporunity to grow. 

The patio is now open to the public. The grand opening will be on Saturday, May 31. An assortment of free appetizers will be served all day long. Flutist Rose Fife and Pianist Rita Sapp will perform from 5-8 pm!


Here are some photos from our Ribbin Cutting Ceremony:





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