Prairie Pond Wines Available

From the Prairie Pond Vineyard..

Prairie Pond 2013 Frontenac Gris - sold by the glass and bottle
"This fresh, crisp white wine will make your heart jump and your lips pucker. A cool breeze will whisk you away to a tropical paradise - far from the Minnesota vineyards of the wine's birth."

Prairie Pond 2013 Marquette Reserve - sold by the bottle
"Our finest Marquette grapes  from our vineyards outsideof New Prague have been aged to perfection in 50 percent French oak and 50 percent Minnesota oak barrels." 


Prairie Pond 2013 April Frost - SOLD OUT
"A delicate blend of 50 percent La Crescent and 50 percent Frontenac Gris, bright and crisp, glistening like a frosty spring morning. A wine born as the April frost melts and the sun warms the earth. The chill is torned in this bottle for you to release on a warm summer afternoon."


Prairie Pond 2013 Rose - SOLD OUT
"Semi sweet, subtle and crisp, this wine pairs perfectly with an evening on the patio on a warm summer night, or any occasion that requires a relaxing refreshment."

Prairie Pond 2013 Marquette - sold by the glass and bottle
"As the summer sun warms the Minnesota earth, the Marquette vine draws in the warmth and stores it as sweet nectar in its small berries. We collect this rich, red, earthy heat in bottles so you can warm your soul at cooler times." 

 Prairie Pond tasting glass and wine glass available for retail